Cleveland Notes: Warming the Winter

In case you missed it, the 11th annual No Pants Subway Ride was held on January 8.  Thousands of people in 59 cities and 28 countries took off their pants and went for a ride on the subway.

Here’s the You Tube link:

I know we have a few fun and interesting things, like the New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge and the Harbor Inn .5k (which my son Brian enjoys).

Still, we need to have a few more fun things in the wintertime that are distinctly Cleveland’s. 

I can’t claim I’m good at this sort of thing, but how about a Slip’N’Slide Marathon in Voinovich Park, or a Ghoulardi Memorial Exploding Stuffed Animal Festival in Parma.  Something suitably weird and wacky, but uniquely Cleveland’s.

The No Pants Subway Ride was orchestrated by the guys at Improv Everywhere and started in 2001 with 7 guys.  Look at how it’s grown in just a few years.  I know we can come up with something.






  1. — Love the idea, Doug. May I propose a Cleveland Snow Cone Fest, perfect for chasing away the late-winter blues. Like a beer or a rib fest, this celebration could encourage both amateur and professional confectionaires to showcase their best syrups. We can even hang a catchy tagline to the event–‘Cleveland Winters Are Sweet!’ Someone tell WOIO’s Jeff Tanchak.

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