2 BROKE GIRL$ Times Two

By Doug Magill

The CBS sitcom 2 BROKE GIRL$ debuted last fall to a number of positive reviews.

Indeed, the concept seemed interesting and the characters were engaging.  Having two impecunious girls from wildly disparate backgrounds trying to make their way as waitresses in a New York diner while attempting to develop a cupcake business on the side seemed to offer lots of opportunities for creative storytelling and character development.

But, the program is being dragged down by its politically-correct attempts at humor.

It is more a venue to blurt out one-liners that substitute crude asides for anything genuinely funny.  In every show the word vagina somehow gets shoe-horned in somewhere, along with the obligatory racist and sexual stereotypes, appalling attempted jokes about rape and dreary tales of one-night stands and the need for sex independent of anything meaningful.  Where the opportunity for insight is given, the inevitable reference to biological banalities lands with a thud.

The show is now unwatchable.

At least the program shows the girls willing to work and being entrepreneurial.  But absent any real development of the characters and the producers’ unwillingness to inject things that could possibly elevate them – such as morals, ideals, or healthy shame – the entire enterprise seems pointless.

One longs for Carol Burnett in vain.

And, as such the show clarifies that not only are the girls out of money, but they are broken in more important ways: self respect, modesty (when is that word ever heard any more?), belief in any ideals or redemption, and recognition of the special place that women need to play in a functioning society.

One suspects that this represents the barrenness of the moral universe inhabited by the Hollywood crowd, and their perception of our society at large.  Such is the evaporating state of drama in our entertainment world.  At 8:30 p.m. it also speaks of the producers’ disdain for anything relating to family values.

Speaking of contrived drama, I found it hard not to equate that vision with the spectacle of Sandra Fluke’s contrived courage in her testimony to Congress.  If ever there were a manufactured version of the liberal obsession with creating victims and excuses to come up with evermore intrusive rescues this is it.  It is also a testimony to the brokenness of a person and the accompanying liberal vision of society. 

Considered by even Democrats to be one of the least qualified people to ever testify before Congress, she wasn’t acceptable to Darrell Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee because of lack of credentials.  But, ever sensitive to the opportunity to create the illusion of victimhood, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi invited her to speak before her Democrat Steering and Policy Committee, which has nothing to do whatsoever with birth control or health care or women – it is a Democrats-only committee responsible for determining assignments for Democrats.

Still, as testimonies go the self-described activist’s lament at the injustice of having to pay for her own birth control showed impenetrable obtuseness as to the role of the government, let alone ignorance to the fact that there is no crisis, anywhere, relative to access to birth control.  None.  Especially for lower income women who have many venues to receive it for free.

And, while one could not discern from Fluke’s testimony her proclivities let alone her frequency of recreational sex, her wail at the $1000-per-year cost for a struggling law student (at Georgetown, no less) seemed more than a trifle hollow.  To say nothing of incoherent.

Birth control costs in the neighborhood of a Starbuck’s coffee per week, so one is puzzled at her lack of math skills.  Unless, of course, she was intimating that she bought condoms for her erstwhile lovers (do women do that these days?).  In which case she was a very busy girl – no wonder at her age she is still in law school.

Regardless.  Like most liberals, she is essentially ignorant of why the government should be involved in the dictates of birth control for health reasons.  She may not be aware, but the frequency of STDs is rising, and government-sanctioned licenses to love won’t help that. 

It may be news to her, but – apologies to Robert Heinlen – TANSTAFBC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Birth Control).  Frankly, I am offended that she thinks I should be pandering to her peccadilloes via my health insurance premiums.

Once the government gets into the dictating business relative to perceived health care benefits, the mind boggles at the possibilities.  I think prophylactic exorcisms are essential, and would be a quiet sop to the Catholic Church after the debacle of the birth control mandate.  I know my family would agree that sickness prevention encompasses the reduction in stress that feng-sui provides, so I am sure that mandated consultation on that ancient oriental technique would contribute to national health as well as a more rational housing market.

Like the CBS sitcom, Sandra Fluke’s moral compass is broken.  There was a time when any girl of virtue would cringe in shame at the thought of testifying before a national audience about her need for birth control.  I am sure her mother is very proud.

There is a long list of the credulous cretins in liberal media outlets that have subsequently interviewed her and didn’t fall over laughing at her self-moralizing claim that she won’t be silenced.  Reviewing that list, one discerns exactly who has no concept of objectivity in journalism.  I don’t know of anyone, anywhere that wants to silence this lost soul, let alone ban birth control.  It does seem to be a liberal obsession.  Once the subject of not having to pay for someone else’s birth control comes up otherwise intelligent liberals cascade into paroxysms of outrage that someone is trying to ban it.  Not anywhere that I know of. 

Adding another layer of idiocy to the whole thing the president decided he should call and comfort the poor, self-inflated activist.  A courtesy he has declined to provide to any conservative woman who has had to endure far more abuse and invective than horny Sandra will ever know.

Now let’s move from the faux drama of Fluke to the absurdity of Sebelius.  One searched in vain over the last week or so across the spectrum of organizations smugly proclaiming their adherence to providing meaningful news to the ignorant masses for coverage of the Health and Human Services Secretary’s recent testimony before Congress.

Another confused Catholic, whose concepts of integrity and honesty are shattered beyond repair, she looked not only incoherent but confused, and incompetent.  Questioned by an incredulous Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) at an appropriations subcommittee meeting, the hapless secretary couldn’t for the life of her clarify those mysterious number things that showed that Obamacare was now – before implementation – already over budget.

Originally projected to save $143 billion over 10 years, that total was reduced by $86 billion because of the cancellation of the CLASS Act (whose savings were a fiction created by charging premiums before providing services).  And, in the FY’13 budget the White House mysteriously increased the amount of money to be spent on the Refundable Premium Assistance Tax Credit from the FY’12 estimate by $111 billion.  Asked about this by Senator Johnson, Sebellius feigned ignorance and lack of understanding, refusing to answer the question.

The problem is that this is the money allocated to help people pay for insurance through the exchanges set up under Obamacare.  Despite the President’s obvious lies relative to being able to keep one’s health insurance, this is a clear indication that even the administration doesn’t believe it.  In fact, estimates run as high as 50% of companies dumping their health insurance plans due to cost, which now will cause unplanned increases in the cost of the program.

To wit, making the whole thing over budget by $54 billion.  And, we haven’t even started yet.

Adding insult to injury, the Congressional Budget Office this week released an even bleaker assessment of the fiction that is Obamacare, stating that over nine years its total cost will exceed $1.7 trillion, almost twice what its projected cost was two years ago.

But wait, there’s more.  Once we get into next year we will have a ten year estimate putting the total cost of the program at over $2 trillion. Even by government standards that is eye-popping.  And probably still underestimated.

Sebelius wandered and weaved and had nothing of substance to say.  She didn‘t know or care about costs and wasn’t really interested in finding out.

There’s transparency for you.

A lack of moral clarity the oozes throughout this administration.  Not only is it attempting to spend the country into bankruptcy, the president and his minions have broken any connection to the morality of the effects of this misbegotten enterprise on families, individuals, and businesses.  We are staring at enormous costs beyond belief, crushing taxation, incomprehensible mandates to benefit the president’s favored interest groups, and ultimately restrictions on care that we will have no control over whatsoever.

Maybe the CBS sitcom isn’t that far off.  No shame, no morality, no concept of personal responsibility, and no belief in the future.  All of these characters are insisting on degrading not only themselves, but the entire structure of our society.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”  I don’t see any virtue here, and we may not soon see much freedom, either.

Doug Magill is a consultant, freelance writer and voice-over talent.  He can be reached at doug@magillmedia.net


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