Things Not Otherwise Noted

By Doug Magill

Things the local media have not bothered to report recently:

They Must Have Thought It Was A Cooking Site.
At the time that the recall drive against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker got underway union activists and Democrats thought it would be a good time to try to recall Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan who is also trying to reform the public sector in his state.  The official recall website – – quietly announced recently that it was suspending the campaign.  It noted, “As of June 4 we have 2,079 signatures counted on 655 petitions……Our Benchmark number for June 1 is 200,000 signatures.  In the first 30 days we have collected less than 2% of that number.”

Lighting A Bigger Candle.
The new Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation has issued the first permit for a manned spacecraft test to Scaled Composites in Mojave, California.  Burt Rutan’s company won fame in 2004 by launching SpaceShipOne, the first private spacecraft to carry a human into space.  The new permit is for SpaceShipTwo to begin supersonic powered flight tests later this year.  The new craft is designed to allow Virgin Galactic to begin carrying paying passengers into space and has already completed 16 free-flight tests.

Hey, It’s Someone Else’s Money Anyway.
The Obama Administration has attempted to distort the magnitude of its spending binge by claiming that its rate of increase hasn’t really been that large in comparison to prior years.  In reality, spending exploded in the last two years of the Bush administration due to a Democratic congress that was out of control combined with his unwillingness to veto their spending bills.  Obama simply went along with it.  Bush refused to sign an omnibus spending bill at the end of his term which Obama promptly did, increasing spending by all federal agencies by 25%.  Most people forget that.  The best way to analyze Democrat spending is to look at it as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.    In 2008 federal spending was 20.8% of GDP, but in 2009 it skyrocketed to 25.4%, 22% greater than the year before.  The average after World War II has generally been around 20%.  The Democrats want it to be around European levels which would be double of where it is now.

No Frequent-User Points In This Club.
It has been little reported that the financial crisis in Greece has significantly affected health care.  The country is in dire straits because of profligate government spending and borrowing.  Like the dream of so many liberals here it also has a government-run, single-payer health care system.  Because of the financial crisis, patients now have to resort to bribery to see a doctor, and the supply of medicine and the availability of diagnostic equipment have been severely curtailed.  As it always happens, government control of anything results in corruption and shortages.

Geez, I Didn’t Know It Was Part Of My Homework.
As we await the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, it is useful to examine how senior administration officials view the constitutionality of what they are doing.  Congressman Trey Gowdy clearly demonstrates Kathleen Sebelius’ ignorance of the Constitution in his recent questioning of her in regard to the birth control mandate.

Back To The Past Which Is The Future Again And Soon To Be Past
France recently elected a Socialist President – Francois Hollande – and followed that mistake up with the election of a Socialist majority in the National Assembly.  In order to achieve this feat Hollande pretended that government can get out of economic problems by raising taxes on those who create wealth, lower the retirement age (for government workers), increase taxes on businesses and simultaneously increase entitlements and spending while also making it more expensive to get rid of employees .  By that logic the US should have been exploding out of the recession years ago, or maybe should have never been in a recession or should own Switzerland or something.  Nonetheless, it now appears that many businesses are planning on growing their way right out of France to get away from this hostile environment as orders dwindle and cash flow gets squeezed.  I hate to admit I am old enough to remember that Mitterand once tried to play the same game in the country of Gallic pride and ended up backtracking furiously once the economy began to collapse.  Perhaps Monsieur Hollande is not a student of history?

Hey, We Should Have Charged It.
A123 is one of those promising green-energy companies that everyone loved (or at least you did if your name was Barack).  A Massachusetts-based battery maker which received $250 million in stimulus funds and was supposed to be a beneficiary of the explosion in demand for electric vehicles is now sputtering towards bankruptcy.  The latest SEC filing paints a grim picture of the company’s future while it spends the last of its cash on a touted breakthrough in battery technology.  A123 provided batteries to Fisker Automotive whose all-electric Karma spectacularly failed while undergoing Consumer Reports testing (“It’s low, it’s sleek, it’s sensuous… it’s also broken! ”).  That resulted in the second recall of its batteries as the company now has lost over $600 million since 2009.  Fisker, whose federal loans are now on hold, is seeking alternative financing.

Nobody’s Counting and My Garden Really Needs Work Anyway.
As of this writing it appears that at least nine prominent Democrats are refusing to attend the national convention in Charlotte.  The list now includes Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill who is worried about reelection and is distancing her campaign from the President.  She was an enormous booster for Obama in 2008, and has been a reliable vote for any and all of his policies.  Other high-profile Democrats who have decided they are otherwise occupied include West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Montana Senator John Tester.  Have three senators of the President’s own party ever found better things to do during its national convention before?


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