Things Not Otherwise Noted: August Edition

By Doug Magill

Things the local media have not bothered to report recently:

Curiosity On The Move.
After an amazing landing, the $2.5 billion Curiosity is on the move.  It drove 15 feet to test out its mobility system and begin its weeks-long journey to its first scientific testing site, Glenelg.

Curiosity Begins First Long Mars Road Trip

Well, Maybe Collectors Will Want Them.
General Motors will shut down the Chevy Volt manufacturing plant in mid-september for a month.  This is the second time this year that the plant will be closed due to lack of sales.  Sales are up this year to a whopping 10,000 units though July.  This has to be the slowest-selling car in GM history.

GM to Idle Volt Plant for 6 Weeks

We Love Her, But The Media Hasn’t Caught On Yet.
Mia Love, mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and a Mormon, gives a short but powerful speech at the Republican National Convention.  The mainstream media has paid little attention, but watch out for this force of nature on the national scene – she will be noticed soon.  She is running for a congressional seat in Utah and, if elected, she will be the first black female Republican congresswoman.

Mia Love: Speech at the RNC


Another Force To Be Reckoned With.
Artur Davis has not been given the media coverage he should have (as opposed to the empty suit called Charlie Crist).  A former Alabama congressman who introduced Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention he failed in his run for governor of Alabama.  Now a Virginia resident, Davis has converted to the Republican Party because he feels the Democrats have abandoned their principles.  His speech to the Republican National Convention last week was pointed, powerful, and fascinating.  In another time it would serve as a wakeup call to the Democrats.

Artur Davis: Correct the Mistake of 2008

Pay Attention, This is My Stuff.
Al Letizio developed a small foodservice business in New Hampshire and wanted to let President Obama know that he indeed felt pride of ownership as the result of his hard work.  So, he set up a roadside sign that was impossible to miss as the Obama motorcade rumbled by on the way to a rally in New Hampshire last week:

We Did Build It

They Probably Won’t Make A Song Out Of This.
Newsweek has drifted to a diminished shell of its former self, and has become reliably left-wing in its coverage and positions.  Shockingly, it published a strong attack on Obama’s and his policies in a front-page article entitled, Hit the Road Barack.  Ed Morrissey reviews the article:

Newsweek Cover: Hit The Road Barack

Well, We Couldn’t Fix The Cafeteria Food.
One of the little-known effects of Obamacare will be the penalization of roughly two-thirds of the hospitals in the country over readmission rates.  78% of those hospitals serve the poor.  Another example of how economics will trump patient care in the Obama world of health care.

Another Obama Medicare Achievement

I’m Sure There’s One Where The People Still Believe In Socialism.
A staple of the early science fiction novels and movies, for a while belief in exoplanets was not popular in the scientific community.  Due to the increased sensitivity of telescopes and analytical software, extra-solar planets are popping up all over the place.  The latest numbers show the existence of 834 such planets, including 123 multiple planetary systems.  Sadly, no Tatooine yet.  There may be an estimated 160 billion star system sin the Milky Way alone that have planets.  The following web site is a catalog of all known exoplanets along with some interesting statistics associated with them.  Look for this list to grow.

The Exoplanet Catalog

Doug Magill grew up with classic science fiction movies and wishes his friend Mike were still here to enjoy them with.  He is also a freelance writer and voice-over talent.  He can be reached at


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