Things Not Otherwise Noted: October Edition

By Doug Magill

Things the local media have not bothered to report recently:

Realtors Already Have Plots to Sell After They Find Gold.
The Curiosity Rover has been working in an area of Mars called Rocknest (what isn’t?) for the last month.  It has performed the first-ever X-Ray diffraction analysis of the soil and has determined that it resembles volcanic sand.  What is truly amazing is that until now the machines required to do such analysis are too large to even consider putting on a spacecraft.  Somehow the NASA engineers found a way to seriously shrink the one on the Curiosity. on the Curiosity Rover.

And Ronald Reagan is Laughing Somewhere.
Derided and dismissed by the liberals in academia, the press and the Democrat party, Ronald Reagan’s proposed missile defense system was supposed to be impossible to implement.  Reagan knew better, and his belief in American capability has once again proven to be sound.  Even though the Obama administration has cut funding and has tried to diminish the effectiveness of the program work has continued and significant successes have been achieved.  Recently the military conducted the largest and most complex test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system ever attempted.  The test involved five separate targets including a cruise missile (For those of you in public universities, that is a low-altitude target).   Four out of five targets were destroyed.

Aviation Week Report on the THAAD test.

We Don’t Know If This Includes Rahm Emanuel.
Of course this has to be California, but a resident of Irvine wants a sign memorializing fish killed in a crash:

Orange County Register Reports on a PETA request.


This Used To Be Taught In What Was Known As Social Studies.
Religious liberty.  It was so important that it was part of the First Amendment.  Yet our president and extra-Catholic Vice President and Secretary of Health and Human Services don’t get it.  Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to explain.

It only takes 16 seconds.


Media Types Really Think They Only Happen After Junkets.
It is known but not discussed in elite media circles that regulations and uncertainty about taxation cause indecision by those tasked with running companies.  Sometimes the results are deferred investment and hiring, sometimes they are immediately felt as layoffs.  Obamacare, tax policy confusion, and the explosion in regulation are devastating some businesses, and communities.

Obama’s Layoff Bomb.


Read Headline.  Collect Paycheck.
Jay Leno is paying more attention to what is happening than most of the mainstream media.

Jay Leno Hammers Obama on Benghazi.


Well, At Least He Has Some Friends.
When in power the temptations of crony capitalism are great.  The democrats seem to have made it a central tenet of their governing strategy, however.  Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, whose controversial columnist wife, Connie Schulz, was fired from the Plain Dealer for spying, has his own buddies who benefit from his access to the President’s stimulus plan.

Top Sherrod Brown Contributor Received Stimulus Funds.

You Think The IRS Is A Pain Now?
Very few in the media have bothered to try to understand what the reporting requirements (and subsequent loss of privacy) are for Obamacare.  The enforcement agency is the IRS, and yes they will be hiring a lot more agents who will be tasked with enforcing the controversial law.

Byron York on IRS Requirements in Obamacare.

Take a Look and Envision the Swearing Around Tax Time.
At least someone has tried to project what the paperwork will look like.  Here is what one organization thinks you will have to fill out for Obamacare.

Obamacare Tax Form Required by the IRS.


Things We Already Know But Are Worse Than We Thought.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer has endorsed both Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown.  What is little known is how biased the paper really is, as it runs lots of Politifact articles about Josh Mandel, but few about Brown or Obama.

The Plain Dealer In The Tank For America’s Most Liberal Senator.

Doug Magill is a freelance writer and voice-over talent.  He can be reached at



  1. Bob Magill says:

    Great links, especaily the ones on Obamacare — Pelosi was right — they had to pass it in order for us to find all the bad things in it.

    FBTL, Michigna

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