Things Not Otherwise Noted: March Edition

By Doug Magill

La logique des sciences économiques?  C’est Passe’!

The French (John Kerry, anyone?) are not known to let logic interfere with a good emotional argument.  Despite projecting an annual growth rate of 0.0% for the year socialist President Francois Hollande still wants to punish those nasty people who create jobs by implementing a 66% tax rate on high-income executives.  C’est la vie, as those very same people wander away from the Seine to sunnier tax climates.

What Recession? Let’s Raise Taxes.

They May Be Broke and Run By Democrats But At Least They Aren’t French

The State of Michigan took control of Detroit with the recent appointment of an emergency manager.  There are no coincidences in politics, so it is no surprise that ballooning entitlements, out-of-control public employee unions and diminished freedom are hallmarks of the top ten poorest American cities, all of which have been run for decades by liberal Democrats.  The irrational behavior by the City Council despite the best efforts of Mayor Dave Bing has left Detroit in a precarious position and resulted in the state takeover.  This is an ugly and sad story soon to be repeated in other cities.

Our Urban Problem Is Bigger Than Detroit.

Confusing Smugness With Smog Means Mexico Handles Our Trash

Electric cars are the latest darlings of the liberals, though none of them are priced at a level that anyone but rich liberals can afford.  Aside from the manufacturing issues associated with the large arrays of batteries buried in those cars is the problem or disposing of them.  No problem, recycle them, right?  Uh no.  The EPA which operates on a set of regulatory exigencies totally separate from the rest of humanity has decreed (of course Congress was not consulted, this is modern bureaucracy at work) tighter regulations on battery recycling.  Which means that we are now shipping those batteries to Mexico for recycling.  A problem which will only get massively worse if we do manage to manufacture more electric vehicles.

Recycling Moves South of the Border.


Prestidigitation and Economic Reporting, or Going Faster Because We Are Sinking

The media giddily reports that jobless claims are down, the economy really did grow in the fourth quarter of last year, and the stock market is booming.  None of which disguises that we are still effectively losing jobs, what job growth there is happens to be in low-wage and part-time positions, the true unemployment rate is over 14%, and we see no prospects of economic growth getting to a level to really restore the economy.

The Grand Illusion.

You Mean Data Has Something to do With Science?  Who Knew?

The problem with discussions about global warming is that most people don’t understand the relationship between underlying temperature data, and the models that are being used.  Anyone who does any kind of stochastic modelling knows that the algorithms of the model and variability in the data can cause unexpected results.  And not necessarily accurate ones, either. In the global warming debate the temperature data has problems that have been amplified by tampering vis-à-vis the Climategate scandal, and in some cases is just plain wrong.  The models themselves are complex and also filled with programming assumptions that affect outcomes.  Basing any kind of economic decisions on such things is foolhardy, if not downright idiotic.  Still, it makes for great conversations, and now some honest head-scratching.

Lack of Temperature Changes Has Scientists Puzzled.

As the Safety Net Becomes a Hammock, We Will All Be Broke Soon

Loosening eligibility requirements and the lack of a true economic recovery have created enormous demands on the so-called “safety-net” programs.  One of the fastest-growing and hardest to police is the social security disability program.  Current analysis projects it will go bankrupt by 2016.  Just in time for the next election – which means it will be maintained a while longer for political purposes.

Social Security Disability is Going Broke.

Nanny Mayor, Meet Plains Senator.  RoadRunner Will Be Along Soon.

Gun control is causing some interesting conflicts among those who think they represent the people who elected them, and those who think they know better than their voters.  Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) doesn’t think much of a liberal East-Coast mayor trying to tell her how to deal with the firearms of her constituents.

Heitkamp Says Back Off Bloomberg.

Some States Are Growing.  Hint: They Don’t Punish Success.

Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore have long and impressive resumes when it comes to understanding economics.  By studying data on states that people are leaving and those that they move to, a picture emerges of what is working in terms of economic development.  What is also occurring is a clear demarcation of state policies that will affect politics for many years.  Call it state-selection by ideology.

Red State Growth Means Blue State Losses.

Nanotechnology Without Mork May Mean Better Batteries and Water Filtration

Multi-Use Titanium Dioxide Has Potential.

Doug Magill is a voice-over talent and freelance writer.  He can be reached at


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