Things Not Otherwise Noted: June Edition

By Doug Magill

This is a mournful discovery.
1)Those who agree with you are insane
2)Those who do not agree with you are in power

Philip K. Dick


A talented writer of clairvoyance and power, Philip K. Dick often wrote about monopolistic corporations and authoritarian governments.  Many of his characters discover that their world is not as they had believed, and is constructed and controlled by political conspiracies.  His dark themes and fear-based calls to action resulted in such films as Blade Runner, Total Recall, and The Adjustment Bureau.

Although he died at age 53 in 1982, one could imagine the creative fervor with which he would be struck at our current political and cultural firestorm.  Indeed, he might feel his works were not dark enough to encompass the potential for harassment, control, and even evil that now clouds our republic.

The clever attempt at disengagement with which Lois Lerner slipped the news to a somnolent media that Tea Party groups had been targeted by the IRS is a classic case of Friday news fogging that this administration utilizes so well.  Release bad news at the end of the week and expect that the compliant friends in the press will spin it into innocuity by the beginning of the next.

Even now panting liberal hacks are attempting to spin this crisis into “it wasn’t really that bad” and “well, it was sort of done to other people too” kinds of inanities that one weeps for the clarity of a real journalist.  Make no mistake, there are a few that see the danger and the incredible damage that can be caused by this abuse of power, but what passes for mainstream media blinks and moves on.

One searches in vain for a historian that understands how far we have come down the road to authoritarian diminishment of individual freedom.  When the income tax was first passed it was claimed it was for the rich only, and that it would never be a rate that would be burdensome.  Similarly when Social Security was passed the claim was that it would help only the really old and destitute and that its hallmark of identity – everyone’s Social Security number – would never be used for universal identification.

Yesterday’s paranoia is becomes more widely accepted as an inconvenience and then a slowly-dawning horror at an ever-encroaching wave of government control.

Up until recently the IRS was to be feared but the expectation was that it was professional and objective.  We now wake up to the fact that it is a political tool for a vindictive administration, and the extant means of personal destruction should we profess the wrong opinions or not be correctly aligned politically.  That pathway has already begun to be blazed.  With the linkage to Obamacare the invasion of our privacy will be deep and penetrating, and will indeed lead to ever more pervasive and intrusive questions and categorizations of things unrelated to medical care or income.

And now we find that the IRS is unionized with a leadership that contributes overwhelmingly to Democrats.  Two of its top officials have taken the Fifth Amendment and cannot be fired without a long and expensive process.  And their pensions – at a level that you and I will never be able to see – are guaranteed regardless of wrongdoing.

One doesn’t have to be paranoid to know that this does not bode well for those of us that pay the salaries of these imperious and arrogant mandarins of an ever more voracious government.

Philip K. Dick knew the increasing need of government to control and dictate, and that the administrative class would become an empire unto itself.  We were warned.

The rot of political harassment certainly pervades the EPA as well.  Conservative groups have now found that it uses political criteria in its selective enforcement:

EPA Waives Fees For Left-Wing Groups

One of the liberal heartthrob intentions of Obamacre was to tax healthy and more well-off workers to pay for insurance for low-income Americans.  Like everything else the government is involved in, intentions do not match the reality of what will really happen:

Obamacare Not Really Affordable For Low-Wage Workers

The Democrat Party has for decades been the real party of the rich and the back-room deal.  We keep finding more and more ways that Obamacare helped Democrat supporters and donors and secretly enhance the party.  Never one to pass on an opportunity to help himself and his rich friends, John Kerry finds a way to have Obamacare work for him:

John Kerry’s Back Room Obamacare Deal

Businesses are scrambling to understand and adapt to Obamacare.  The people that get hurt the most?  Workers that have to pay more in premiums and are having their hours cut to help employers save on an unknown amount of increased costs.

Businesses Scramble As Obamacare Train Wreck Chugs Forward

At one time the Federal Registry was inconsequential, as Congress believed in its duty to write laws that were clear and enforceable.  Congress now writes laws that are little more than statements of intent and the bureaucracy issues regulations causing the Registry to explode and we are ever more minutely-controlled in our lives.  And the cost to our economy is enormous:

The Regulated States of America

Of course the regulatory burden of Obamacare will fall most heavily on those who it was purported to help:

The Regulatory Burdens of Obamacare on the Poor

Jonah Goldberg issues a challenge to all of the dewy-eyed supporters of Obama who never asked any intelligent questions about who the candidate was or what he stands for.  Let’s see them pay up for the “hope and change” in Obamacare:

Pay Up Obama Supporters

The logical consequences of affirmative action?

White People Should Be Excluded From the Democratic Process

If you can’t sell a dumb idea, change the rules to pretend it makes sense.  Anyone familiar with the “social cost” of carbon?  Get used to it as the EPA changes its definition to implement an ideology that is anathema to our country.

The Social Cost of Carbon Gambit

Those in this now-imperious government who threaten the freedom of us all would do well to remember this week in our history, 150 years ago when 51,000 men died for the wispy, formless, yet awesomely-powerful concept of freedom at Gettysburg.

Echoes From Gettysburg

Doug Magill is a freelance writer and voice-over talent.  He can be reached at



  1. Fat Bob the Lawyer says:

    add: O and Dems still hoping Benghazi and Fast and Furious (as well as all campaign promises) will be forgotten.

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