Things Not Otherwise Noted: July Edition

By Doug Magill

Everything not forbidden is compulsory.  T.H. White


Someone once told me that the best way to deal with the absurdity of liberalism is to say or do something absurd to point out how ridiculous things are.  The problem is, liberals have lost the capacity to recognize their own foolishness, and indeed have lost their sense of humor.  What was once absurd is now commonplace.

A great example of this is a story that the exposure-journalist James O’Keefe tells about his college experience.  In order to make fun of all of the silliness that students were engaged in relative to boycotting all things conservative or business-related, he complained to the administration that Lucky Charms were degrading to Irish people.  Rather than getting the joke, the university banned Lucky Charms from the campus.

It’s hard to be funny when no one understands what a joke is.  We are approaching that point in American society.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our President does not understand the foundation of our republic, and desires to rule rather than govern.  Daniel Henninger clearly understands the danger inherent in this.

Obama’s Creeping Authoritarianism


It has been interesting to see how the mainstream media has decided to handle the news of Detroit’s application for bankruptcy protection.  Aside from being a one-party city since the early 1960’s, Detroit is a textbook case of the effect of liberal union policies coupled with a deliberately racist approach to determining the makeup of the city.  In addition, in order to please the various interest groups and to scramble to make new mistakes while covering for past mistakes it may have the most dysfunctional administration in the history of city government.

Running Detroit’s Transportation Department Was Like Being in the Boiler Room of the Titanic


I grew up near Detroit, and remember the vitality of the city and the dynamics of the automobile industry.  The domination of liberal politics coupled with union intransigence and poor management of the automobile industry all contributed to its demise.  And yet, there is one person that deserves credit for what has befallen this once vibrant city, Coleman Young.  He made black racism acceptable, and learned how to inflame racial grievances as a way to power.  The race hustlers of today who find race issues as a way of increasing their prominence like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson learned from Coleman Young.  In the following link a Detroit resident captures the darkness of Coleman Young’s reign.

How Coleman Young Ruined Detroit


Although it is too late to save Detroit, part of Obama’s plan to transform the country is to change the dynamics of the suburban/urban relationship.  We will all be worse off for it as the temptation to totalitarian rule will become ever stronger.

Obama’s Anti-Suburban Revolution


It is becoming increasingly obvious, even in the ranks of Democrats, that Obamacare is not only unworkable it is potentially the most damaging piece of legislation in the history of the republic.  A couple of quiet and successful Republican leaders understand why.

Jindal and Walker on Why Obamacare Won’t work


Liberal idealistic promises aside, Obamacare is going to hurt patients.

How the 340B program hurts cancer care


Businessmen that do not with to engage in crony capitalism have a clear-eyed vision of the damage Obamacare will cause the country.  The CEO of a large enterprise explains why it not only isn’t working, there is no way it can work.

A CEO’s Eye-View of Obamacare


One doesn’t read much about politicians changing parties unless it happens to be a Republican becoming a Democrat.  There is lots of party-changing going on right now, it just isn’t being reported.

Democrats Becoming Republicans


With the President’s current attempt at changing the subject disguised as economic initiatives, one thing that isn’t really discussed is how terribly the poor have fared under his Presidency.

How Obama Neglects the Poor


Coining the phrase “white African-American” to describe President Obama in light of the New York Times trying to classify George Zimmerman as an “white Hispanic”, Ben Carson shows what leadership is, and why we need him now.

Stop the Rush to Judgment on the Zimmerman Verdict


The birth-control mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services was a naked attempt by a liberal administration to not only diminish, but destroy the religious protections guaranteed by the Constitution.  The Catholic Church has taken the lead to fight this, but many individuals have shown courage in a conflict that is just beginning.

Hobby Lobby Wins a Stay on the Birth Control Mandate


The EPA is becoming one of the federal agencies that is out of control, and is leading the charge against liberty in no uncertain terms.  Disdaining Congress and any attempt at being concerned about economic development or the people that will be hurt by its policies, it is now an agency peopled by idealogues run amok.

Jiggering the Carbon Calculations Gives the EPA Greater Control


Dropped out of school, out of work, not qualified to do anything?  CNN has a job for you.

Hunting the Dildo to Extinction


Doug Magill is a consultant, freelance writer, and voice-over talent.  He can be reached at




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