Things Not Otherwise Noted: October Edition

By Doug Magill

To act on the belief that we possess the knowledge and the power which enable us to shape the processes of society entirely to our liking, knowledge which in fact we do not possess, is likely to make us do much harm.  Friedrich von Hayek
The contretemps of the government shutdown has faded quickly in light of the now-burgeoning disaster known as Obamacare.  The non-functioning web site, the cancellation of millions of policies, the lack of accountability or even responsiveness of the government agencies responsible, and the mind-boggling distortions and rationalizations of liberals has made October a witches’ brew of confusion, politics, and heated rhetoric.

None of which even remotely begins to address the enormous problems that were foreseen, understood, and attempted to be resolved.

Unfortunately, once radical liberals begin the process of re-ordering society under the guise of helping a few unfortunate individuals, millions of people will be hurt.  The one thing left-wingers never talk about when trying to change human behavior is what the results will really be.  As we have seen from experience there are always catastrophic unintended consequences that leave us all worse off in the end.

Somewhere Madison weeps.

In the highly-regarded Federalist No. 10, Madison recognized the possibility of the government being hijacked by a faction intent on its own purposes against the common good.  That is why he argued for a republic rather than direct democracy.  He felt that the cauldron of opinion that he expected Congress to become would simmer out radical ideas and calm the passions of the moment to result in compromise, yet effective legislation.

His experiment failed with Obamacare.  Radical Democrats used the reconciliation process in the middle of the night to pass legislation larded with payoffs to implement something that was neither well thought out nor truly targeted to solve the problem which it was intended to address: the lack of health insurance for some Americans.  By definition this law was not leavened by the political process – not a single Republican voted for it.

Most people forget that many attempts were made during the latter part of the administration of George W. Bush to fix many of the problems with prevailing insurance regulations.  All of them were stymied by radical Democrats.  And, every single piece of legislation that would have led to better and more affordable insurance coverage was voted against by then-Senator Barack Obama.

The web site itself is a technological nightmare.  IT experts will tell you that interfaces are hard and the most difficult part of making a new system work.  The definitions of data elements change between different systems, and once a change is made to one system the change ripples through the interface to the other systems.  A nightmare to set up, make work, and keep maintained. In addition, the sheer volume of expected traffic can break most code and requires enormous expertise to enable continuous operation.

As is true of most of the administration under Obama, no one was really in charge, and no one is actually responsible.  Bleats about bringing in technology experts cannot fix what is essentially a management and organizational problem.  No one in this administration has any experience that would lead to the understanding of the issues, and the incremental changes needed for success.

This problem will be with us for a long time.  Millions (billions?) more will be spent, and the results will still be unsatisfactory.

But, technology solutions will not fix the underlying problems, which are mammoth and intractable.  It was lousy legislation to begin with and really doesn’t address any of the real world problems of affordable health insurance.

When the smoke clears it will become obvious that it is indeed a huge wealth transfer program, and will leave millions without health insurance or with unaffordable health insurance.  The losers are the middle class, and those with families.

This single piece of legislation may be the most anti-family law ever passed.  Another unintended consequence.

As the thousands of other unintended consequences ripple throughout our economy and society, the most heart-rending thing to behold is the millions who are beginning to realize they were lied to.  And continue to be lied to.  They will now be unable to find a doctor or treatment they need, can’t afford a vacation or new house because of the costs of insurance, can’t have the child that they desperately desire, can’t find work because of the effects on the economy, have had hours reduced or their job eliminated, and who may be unable to save for retirement.

This from an administration that really doesn’t care about the effects of the law on individuals, only that it is accomplishing the desired objective of destroying health care insurance.  And who arrogantly mischaracterizes current insurance as “sub-standard” and pretends that there have been no harmful effects of the law.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Nirschl knows that Obamacare is destroying the Hippocratic oath and the only solution is to enable patient control:

The McBama Burger

Most people don’t realize that Obamacare implies a reduction in choice.  As plan options are reduced, so are treatment ones.  A stage-4 cancer patient explains how she is one of the losers:

Fighting Cancer, and Losing with Obamacare

The mainstream media are reluctant to report on the origins of Obamacare, and are loathe to acknowledge the outright lies that underlie its premise and implementation.  Still, there are a few organizations that are beginning to report that the administration knew from the beginning that the intentions of the law were not what was told to the American people: millions will lose their insurance coverage by design:

The Destruction of The Individual Market was an Obamacare Design Feature

One doesn’t expect much in the way of truth or accurate reporting by liberal mouthpieces like the New York Times or even our own Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Yet, once in a while honesty shines through such left-wing stalwarts as the Washington Post:

The Washington Post Gives Obama Four Pinocchios

Liberals are finding they have to invent new words to try to engage in the rhetorical pretzel-making used to justify the Obamacare lies.  House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer tried to claim that the President should have “caveated” his promises relative to Obamacare.  George Will finds an intellectually elegant way of calling Democrats liars:

New Dimensions of Sophistry 

The President’s oft-repeated promise that you could keep your health insurance was always a lie.  From the beginning.  The grandfather clauses in the Affordable Care Law had exceptions that HHS has used to invalidate millions of policies.  Which exceptions, by the way, were not applicable to union insurance policies:

Americans Duped by Obamacare Promises

It gets worse.  When the illegally-delayed employer mandate kicks in, millions more will have to deal with cancelled plans and being ejected from company-paid health plans.  At least 51 percent of those covered will be so affected:

Insurance Losses to Get Worse With Employer Mandate

Doctors knew from the beginning that patients would not be able to keep them as their physicians due to the restrictions of Obamacare:

The Loss of Your Doctor was Known From the Beginning with Obamacare

The numbers are staggering – this is fraud on a massive scale.  A Detroit native and nationally-recognized health care expert, Avik Roy is a graduate of MIT and Yale Medical School.  He posits that at least 93 million Americans will lose their coverage under Obamacare.

93 Million Will be Unable to Keep Their Health Care Plans

Mathematical analysis clarifies that Obamacare is doomed to failure.  Unfortunately, most Democrats don’t do math:

Obamacare vs. Arithmetic

Doug Magill is a cancer survivor who had to learn more than he ever wanted to about health care and health insurance.  His is also a freelance writer, voice-over talent and consultant.  He can be reached at


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