Things Not Otherwise Noted: November Edition

By Doug Magill

The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet.  It requires a certain relish for confusion.  Molly Ivins
Liberal newspaper columnist and political commentator, Molly Ivins, could be bitingly funny yet at the same time annoyingly hew to the fashionable liberal dogma of the day.  Still, her experiences in Minnesota and Texas enabled her to see the values and heart of middle-America, something which is lacking in our coastally-dominated media today.

She also grew up in a time where being a liberal Democrat meant what is pretended today by the left-wing ideologues of the Democrat party.  Democrats in Ivins’ childhood did care.

John F. Kennedy cared about the fiscal foundation of the country and insuring we had a strong defense.  Who would imagine that today?  A Democrat that believes in fiscal responsibility and wanted tax cuts to encourage economic growth.  That was common sense then, and an “extreme” position today.

“Scoop” Jackson cared that our country had a strong defense and was engaged where it would benefit our long-term national interests.  The idea of preventing future conflicts by being strong made sense to him.  Today one can’t find an elected Democrat that does anything other than opine wistfully about our troops but doesn’t have the courage to vote for what it would take to make sure they are truly prepared for the next military engagement.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan cared deeply about families and minorities.  A prominent Democrat who served under Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford he also served as ambassador to the United Nations before becoming a Senator.  His now-famous report on minority families while serving as a Labor Department Assistant Secretary under Kennedy, The Negro Family: The Case For National Action, was pilloried by left-wing activists within his party.  It was, however, eerily prophetic and his opposition to government programs such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) proved his insight that government programs which discouraged marriage would damage minority communities.  He supported welfare reform in the 1990’s, knowing that human beings worked on incentives while gratuitous programs destroyed families, lives, and ambition.

Those were Democrats of wisdom and the middle as well as the middle class.  They respected the country’s traditions, its foundations and its unique place in the world.  Over the years the party has been pulled ever leftward, to where today we see the rising influence of the left-wing totalitarian temptation in such things as Obamacare, the protests in Madison against the results of an election, and the ever increasing ad hominem attacks against the voices of conservatism in our media.

The result is confusion, concern and animosity.  Election analysts correctly interpreted the Obama presidential campaign as one designed to ignore the middle class which effectively means that our politics today are increasingly polarized.  It will get uglier and more confused before it gets better.

One of the pernicious effects of the misnamed Affordable Care Act is how much more young people are expected to pay to subsidize the old and the sick.  The entirely ludicrous financial assumptions underneath the law are soon to be painfully obvious to all as the young realize they are expected to accept being taken advantage of.

Wise Beyond Their Years

Journalists are abandoning any pretense of objective analysis or reporting in their attempts to support and encourage Obamacare.  Some now push the totalitarian idea of “service Journalism” in support of the government.  Somewhere the founders of Pravda are smiling.

Obamacare and the Totalitarian Mindset

It is clear that this administration is in over its head in dealing with the technological aspects of Obamacare.  So much so that the world’s largest playroom for hackers is now in operation.  Entering your personal information into a government-run web site is tantamount to posting a “Rob Me” sign in your front yard.  Yet, our media has spent little effort to try to understand the issues associated with this problem, and even less trying to warn the public.  The subsequent problem of fraud is not even being discussed, yet even the IRS admits it may be complicit in what may be one of the largest scams of the government ever.

Obamacare and the Facilitation of Criminal Activity

In an effort to distract from the disaster known as Obamacare, the President tried to change the subject by focusing on income inequality.  This displays modern liberalism in all of its faux compassion and grand gestures that will undoubtedly hurt more workers than will benefit.  The minimum wage issue wins emotional arguments but loses economic ones.  Who cares?  Low income voters who will lose their jobs will become more dependent on government and vote their dependency.

The War of the Wages

There was supposed to be a strike of fast food workers in demand of a much higher minimum wage.  All media outlets carried the story.  Note: there have been no local follow-up stories on how many people actually went on strike nor have there been any stories about the effects of such idiocy.  Still, occasionally a story appears that clarifies what is being encouraged by the government, and the discouragement of enterprise.

The Video Every Fast Food Striker Should Watch

The massive hidden story of the Obama presidency is how poorly the economy has done, and how a focus on economic development would help with an enormous number of issues.  The media doesn’t report it because it doesn’t fit their theme and job seekers be damned.  Every now and then an analysis clarifies how desperate things have become.

The Private Sector Has Shrunk in 41 States Under Obama

Lost in the deflections and rationalizations and excuses for the enormous disaster of Obamacare is the story of what really happened.  Someday one would hope that a real journalist will tell this story so we will know and perhaps find a way not to let it happen again.  One of the underlying issues that has been unexplored by the media is the fact that the financial management and accounting portions of the system were left undone and a no-bid contract was given to finish the job.  The incompetence is staggering.

Unbelievable Incompetence in Obamacare No-Bid Contract

When an executive is discovered to be incompetent and poorly qualified for his job, usually he gets fired.  Lacking an impeachment proceeding the least prepared president in the history of the republic is relegated to things such as “Least Consequential” lists.

Obama Named to GQ Least Influential List

It is hard to believe that our government engages in the promotion of promiscuous behavior.  It shows what desperate liberalism will do even though it is appalling to think of the example this sets.

Which is the Real Slutty Obamacare Ad?

We knew beforehand that Obamacare would diminish choices for patients, particularly those with acute problems.  Now it is reality: cancer patients are losing coverage because their employers are unable to bear the costs of all of the mandates embedded in the program.

Cancer Patient Loses Coverage Thanks to Obamacare

The deliberate lies about substandard plans are noxiously grating to those who have to deal with the results.  Maternity coverage required for a 41-year old registered nurse?  Yep, that sets a standard.

Obamacare Delenda Est

Even the media – although they will not report on it – knows that Obamacare is costing millions of people their current coverage.  It’s going to get worse – a lot worse.  And the political subterfuge to delay employer mandates until after the 2014 elections may not be enough to prevent the horror of millions more losing their coverage.  Obamacare may have encompassed the biggest lies in the history of the republic.

78 Million Obamacare Cancellations Loom

Despite the horrendous economy, the ridiculous tax rates and the ever-more-militant regulatory state there are still entrepreneurs who dream of concepts and stake their fortunes on developing them.  The ability to take off-the-shelf components and develop imaging satellites to provide coverage heretofore unimaginable is driving new companies.  Soon, it will be hard to hide anywhere on earth.

Urthecast Satellite on the Way to the Space Station



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