Things Not Otherwise Noted: May Edition

By Doug Magill

There was a time when going to the airport was interesting, and farewells could be extended.  The massive bureaucratic overreach of the TSA has certainly put the fun in dysfunction and made traveling a chore.  But, the TSA was never about safety, it was another means to spend money on a government entity that could be unionized and lashed to Democrat bloat:

End the TSA


While Harry Reid wails at the Koch brothers, a very influential shadow group, the Democracy Alliance, finds ways to funnel millions to left wing groups and candidates to disguise their sources.  It is clear that labor unions and wealthy liberals want influence, they just don’t want it to be known.  And this doesn’t even include Tom Steyer who has broken the brazenness bank with $100 million for Democrats.

Confidential Documents at the Democracy Alliance Donor Conference


As global warming has morphed into global climate change, the power politics behind the increasingly shrill warnings and proclamations never discusses with probity the reality of what this massive wealth and control redistribution plan really means.

Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change


Even knowing that cap and trade and other socialistic schemes will have a destructive influence on the economy and society, government regulations already cause huge problems.

Regulations Take a $1.8 Trillion Bite Out of the Economy
The reality of Hollywood liberal hypocrisy is pretty much well known to all sentient beings in this country.  Still, it is especially disheartening when the depths of that dishonesty is revealed when money matters more than our country, or its energy independence.

Project Veritas Records Hollywood Liberals Willing to Sacrifice America


Speaking of Sharia, there are a number of other projects that should be revealed are financed by practitioners of that medieval and horrific code.

Other Hollywood Projects That Support Sharia


Our ever-gloomy president recently unveiled another in a long line of political attempts to find a way to make your money no longer something you’re entitled to use.  The third annual National Climate Assessment is the usual cut-and-paste collection of anecdotes and hysterical proclamations.  Problem is, it’s getting less and less believable.

Other Scientists Call White House Report Pseudoscience

Himalayan Glaciers Not Disappearing

Over 31,000 Scientists Claim Climate Change is Unsettled Science

Worried About Rising Sea Levels?  Do the Math

Antarctic Climate Change?  Well, Not So Much

Prominent Scientists Issue Pointed Rebuttal to White House Climate Claims


For the pollyannas who chant “solar energy, wind turbines” at mentions of climate change it should be mentioned that no one has, to date, come up with an economic case for wind turbines that makes any sense without massive government subsidies.

Why Wind Energy is Another Crony Capitalist Enterprise


Micahel Mann has now entered the ranks of the infamous with his “Hockey-Stick” graph of global warming based on data manipulation and logical leaps that Evel Knievel wouldn’t have attempted.  Still, when called out on his egregious errors and lack of honesty he thinks the American judicial system can help him where science cannot.  His attempts at recent lawsuits are another example of doubling down on dishonesty.

Michael Mann is a Liar and a Cheat


In other now-common news, the President has found it is becoming particularly convenient to ignore, circumvent and forget about laws that are inconvenient.  Ted Cruz reminds us how serious this is becoming.

76 Lawless Actions by Obama


Once one gets in the political payoff game, its can get complicated when two of your crony donor groups have opposite desires.  Figuring that green energy gets him more positive press than labor union support – besides, he doesn’t need to work to get the unions – Obama figures radical environmentalism trumps labor.  On top of the Keystone XL dithering, why not contradict the wage jihad political plan when there are big donations to be had?

Between a Labor Rock and a Solar Hard Place


One of the standard-issue stereotypes that gets liberals polemically-lathered is the tried and true “McCarthyism” chant.  Forgetting that most liberals don’t have a clue who McCarthy was, they certainly understand the idea of blacklisting.

The Left Embraces Blacklisting


Donald Sterling has now entered that descending pit of infamy reserved for the most egregious purveyors of the now worst-possible sin of racial prejudice.  While no one sympathizes with what he said, occasionally a few calmer heads recognize he does indeed have a right to say what he feels.  It is not often that one points to Bill Maher for common sense, but in this case he indeed understands it.

Our Emerging Liberal Dystopia



Doug Magill is a Communications Consultant, Freelance Writer and Voice-Over talent.  He also a Producer and Co-Host of a radio show on culture and entertainment called The Avenue.  He can be reached at



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